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17th Mar, 2020  |  General News

COVID-19 - Kentech Response

As the situation on the Coronavirus continues to rapidly evolve, we are closely monitoring the outbreak and its impact. First and foremost, we’re doing all we can to make safe and reassure our global family. This is new territory for everyone, it is a fast moving situation and our plans are adapting accordingly. The wellbeing of our people comes first and foremost. We are being careful to communicate a calm and measured approach to the situation whilst also ensuring continuity of service as best we can. We have implemented a number of safeguarding measures in response to the crisis around travel, social distancing, cleanliness and health monitoring and are leveraging our internal communication tools to issue the latest official guidelines. We have also put in place a dedicated project management team to ensure we are communicating, learning and co-ordinating across the world and leveraging all of our local knowledge from the locations we are working in. This will impact all organisations across the globe, however at this stage nobody is in a position to speculate the level of impact. We have business continuity plans for our office locations and project sites across the globe and are working closely with each of our clients to ensure that together, we are adapting our plans to the specific evolving situation in that location. These are new and uncertain times and now, more than ever, it’s important to be vigilant over your own health and that of your neighbour. We will stay open and transparent about the situation as it evolves and take further steps as and when necessary. Keep safe, support each other and stay positive.

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4th Feb, 2020  |  Safety News outstanding year for safety

2019 realised a marked step change in how we strategically tackled our HSSEQ function.  Across the group we moved from a command control, retrospective focus to a proactive, lead indicator driven, intervention approach. Through implementing this change, our project teams were empowered to identify and target key trends relating directly to their scope of work. We embraced a partnering philosophy with both our internal and external clients and sub-contractors, which saw improved collaboration across our stakeholders and established us as leaders, not followers, in the HSSEQ category with our key clients. In 2019 Kentech completed 7.5 million manhours across the globe. 0.5 million hours less than 2018, however our projects are growing in complexity and geographical challenges. Execution excellence was achieved in our environmental performance with not only zero recordable events, but the successful roll out of a number of new initiatives both in our offices and on our project sites, reducing our environmental impact and increasing our local community involvement. The Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for 2019 was 0.4 for every million hours worked (IOGP) or 0.08 for 200,000 hours (OSHA), half that of the previous year and our best performance in the past 4 years. Further, this result validates strong performance against our competitors when measured against IOGP safety performance indicators of 0.99 for every million hours worked. A catalyst for continued success in 2020 will be our courage to lean into these new models, building on the foundations established in 2019.  We will strengthen our position with our key clients as leaders in the HSSEQ environment.  We will deliver our vision and commitment to be true partners, developing also a deeper collaboration with our subcontractors and sharing our outstanding culture and capabilities.

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30th Jan, 2020  |  Project News

TMM Group Secures Important Contract Extension

We are delighted to announce that Qatar Shell have extended our HVAC & E&I maintenance contracts on the Shell GTL Plant for a further two years. The Qatar Shell GTL Plant is the world’s largest gas to liquids plant.  Our work on these strategic maintenance contracts began at the end of 2013 and since then our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that all threats to the availability of the plant’s equipment and systems are mitigated by reducing the system and equipment failure rate and optimizing the frequency of routine maintenance efforts. Our team performs regular reviews of planning and execution strategies in order to optimize efficient execution and driving commercial savings for Qatar Shell.  This has included exercises to drive improvements in HSSE performance, reducing waste (idle time) and increase Hands on Tools Time and worker productivity. With a total manpower of over 250 staff, the teams have consistently demonstrated Kentech’s commitment to safe working standards which has culminated in over 4.8 million safe man-hours being delivered on the project to date. The whole team is excited to continue providing a world-class maintenance service to Qatar Shell. Our new Value Delivery Model will fundamentally change how we bring value to our client going forward, with its focus on implementing best in class technical, operational and performance excellence. This is what it is all about for us.  Nurturing relationships with key clients, something we have cherished with Qatar Shell since our first project with them back in 2007.  The team’s philosophy of going above and beyond to deliver outstanding HSE, quality and performance standards come what may is what has firmly cemented us as Qatar Shell’s maintenance partner of choice, something we are immensely proud of. Phil Johnson, Kentech’s Global Service Line Director for TMM commented “This award is testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with this project over the last 6 years and proof that our new Value Delivery Model is seen as a value add by our key clients”.  

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24th Nov, 2019  |  General News

International Men's Day Series - John Kent's Story

Over the past decade, the Energy industry has taken great strides in improving the physical safety of personnel in our sector.  Making the risks clear, measuring key indicators, building awareness, challenging convention and common practice have all been critical to changing our individual and collective behaviours.  While we cannot afford to rest on our laurels, it is fair to say that our work environment is now admirably safer and people truly understand the need to continue to build on this. However, what about risks that have a tradition of being taboo subjects?  Risks that are less measurable, risks that manifest in difficult, volatile and at times in unknown ways. How do we look to address these? Mental health is a category of risk which does not slot into any of our traditional boxes nor measurement mechanisms.  It is profound.  It is unpredictable.  It is a disruptive current that flows beneath otherwise tranquil waters, unassuming, eroding, silent, potentially devastating.  One in five of us will experience it directly during our lifetime and it will certainly affect us all, be it directly or indirectly. My brother Michael has suffered from schizophrenia for much of his life.  It is a mental illness which is more understood than most, yet it remains unpredictable, challenging and heart wrenching.  Michael was diagnosed at a relatively early age and his personal response has been tenacious and resilient.  Mental illness is a difficult path to navigate even when correctly diagnosed.  What of the people who are not? We all work in an industry where extensive time away from home and long rotations are the norm.  With this comes the increased likelihood of psychological distress and mental health risks.  Men are particularly prone and are less likely to flag it when it arises.  We don’t like to talk about it and don’t believe that it could be me.  The truth is that it can be any of us. "Are You Alright Mate?" is a simple question tailored to encouraging men and women to be more aware, individually and collectively, of our mental health.  For International Men’s Day, stop and ask the question to yourself, your colleague, your friend or family member.  You never know what you could find. It may be reassuring. It may be concerning. It might just be life changing.

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22nd Nov, 2019  |  General News

International Men's Day Series - Paul McElhone's Story

During a recent conversation about men’s mental health, I was asked whether it takes a certain type of person to be able to handle working in far flung and isolated assignments in the oil and gas industry. The question was framed in a complimentary manner, suggesting that those who handle working under such conditions are somehow made of tougher stuff than those who do not. The reality of course, is quite different. The workforce in such locations are the same as those in any sector or location – normal people; mostly working out of necessity, carrying with them much of the same thoughts, anxieties and hopes as any other person. Thankfully, in my experience, the vast majority of people are inherently good. When a team is faced with a collective challenge in an isolated environment, a sense of comradery forms and individuals tend to naturally look out for one another. In my opinion, this soft human approach is the basis for success in any team and any location. However, this soft approach is very difficult to document or plan, and unfortunately cannot be solely leaned upon to ensure everyone stays well, all the time. The perception of someone’s mental wellbeing, as is well understood in this day and age, can unfortunately be misleading. Unlike previous generations, we are all at least aware of the concept of mental health nowadays. We all most likely know someone who has experienced it, may have felt affected by varying degrees of it at times and can appreciate the debilitating impact that it can have on a person, relationship or family. As a project team in a very remote location, we have multiple systematic and technical tools at our disposal to try to mitigate the risk of someone executing a potentially hazardous task in this frame of mind. We have annual medicals to assess wellbeing. During the course of the year we cover a wide range of topics through weekly presentations and daily briefings related to the environment, safety and health. We include subjects such as mental health and mindfulness. We organize campaigns to raise awareness. We talk of the buddy-system. We have checklists and prompts in our last minute risk assessments at site to judge each other’s frame of mind prior to starting a given task. All very technical approaches. But probably not entirely effective. The truth is, as the majority of the workforce here are men, we all tend to be more comfortable not delving too deeply into this topic, and are content with finishing the conversation and just getting on with the days’ work. Perhaps this is something that needs to be remedied. Perhaps not. Of the enormous volume of information available on this subject online, one quote that stands out is Shelly Gray’s claiming that ‘Idle hands make fretful minds’. One thing that is certainly different about remote working life is that you are kept busy. A lot of rotational colleagues of mine, past and present, have admitted to the time away from ‘normal life’ being somewhat therapeutic and beneficial in itself. They are kept busy daily with tasks and are almost always surrounded by their team mates. Of course I’m not suggesting that avoiding problems at home is healthy, or that hard work is the only solution to what is a very complex emotional state. But maybe seeking out a purpose, and leveraging the resilience gained from working through adversity needs to be better recognized as an important part of the mindfulness discussion. Based on personal experiences with those who suffer with mental health challenges, it is the balance of listening, acknowledging purpose and giving someone the right amount of space that has the potential to help most. Making the time, and being brave enough to start these discussions with those suspected of suffering is the real challenge, whether it be at home or at work. Regardless of how mainstream the topic of mental health has become, genuine help is most likely to be found in personal, low-key moments – not in technically managed solutions or corporate communications. Caring, and making a personal effort to help someone who needs it will probably always be the most effective way to tackle men and women’s mental health challenges. And so to answer the question – does it take a certain type of special person to work on tough assignments: No. It doesn’t. But the experiences and effort expended teach you a lot about yourself and your strengths. Perhaps this is what prompts industry leaders to speak of resilience in such lofty terms. Perhaps we need to convert the determination that we apply in our work lives into a form of resilience in areas of our lives that are not so purposeful. Or perhaps we just need to better use the soft approach, and look a little closer for someone who looks like they need a chat.

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